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Mobility Scooter Batteries


We carry a huge stock of quality batteries for mobility scooters, powered chairs and electric wheelchairs.

Stay active and on the go with a quality, dependable wheelchair battery from BLAZE BATTERIES. You or your loved one will have so much more mobility and mileage out of a battery-operated mobility scooter when you purchase the right gel or AGM battery for the equipment.

Your best choice of mobility battery packs for all the top brands and models of mobility products. Our mobility scooter batteries are of a premium quality of identical or exceeding quality than that of your original scooter, wheel chair, or power chair battery.


All Our Mobility Batteries are fitted completely FREE

We pride ourselves on old-fashioned service. We’ll take time to test your battery to make sure it actually needs changing,
recommend the right battery for you and fit it with care.

We will also advise you of the best way to look after your new battery, so it stays in tip-top condition for years to come.

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  • Top Quality Batteries
    We only stock high quality batteries. Our batteries are made using quality engineering techniques in well-respected factories. Thanks to our high turnover, our stock is fresh.
  • FREE Call-out
    (in GOLD COAST AREA, We come to you for FREE.)
  • FREE Testing
    Our expert team tests your old batteries to make sure whether they need replacing or not. If we can bring your old batteries back to life we will.
  • FREE Fitting
    When you need a replacement, our team will install for free. You just pay for the batteries.
  • Low Low Prices
    Your new scooter batteries will be BELOW the recommended retail price.
  • Old Fashioned Service
    We pride ourselves on our friendly old-fashioned service. In other words, we will explain how to keep your scooter battery in tip-top condition.


At BLAZE BATTERIES we stock a range of 24V chargers ideal for mobility scooters. Our most popular chargers have a 3 pin plug and a simple on-off switch. These chargers are fully automatic, so you can leave your scooter plugged in. We have the experience and knowledge to recommend the right charger for your scooter. And if you’re not sure if your charger is working properly – bring it in and we’ll test it for you free!


We carry a large range of electric scooter and wheelchair batteries to suit most models, ranging in size from 6A/H up to 105A/H. All batteries have a minimum 12 month warranty. Some of the larger ones have a 2 year warranty. We carry batteries in both absorbed glass mat (AGM) and Gel format, and will always recommend the most appropriate battery for your needs. We will be delighted to chat about the battery options for your scooter, how to extend your range, how to make sure that your charger is keeping the battery in tip-top condition, and when you would just like us to check your batteries, or your charger, we’ll be happy to do so free of charge. We also offer a battery reconditioning service.

So when you’re looking for all kinds of batteries including car batteries, deep cycle batteries, mobility scooter batteries and marine batteries, you’re in the right place at Blaze Batteries.
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